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Classic Truths

For years, Pastor Peters did LIVE weeknight broadcasting from his
Radio Ranch, preaching and teaching straight from the Word of God, the
Bible. Many times Pastor would use these nightly broadcasts to address
issues of the day, sometimes discussing questions and emails that had been
sent in to him, interviewing authors and others, as well as sharing years of
Holy-Spirit inspired Bible truths that he had been given, and just had to share
with the Remnant.

These truth-filled and hard-hitting Biblical broadcasts were in addition
to the Sunday Church pulpit messages, and they addressed a wide variety of
subjects, teachings and needs.

Scriptures for America has dug deep into the archive vault to bring you
these vintage Pastor Peters Radio Ranch Broadcasts, "Classic Truths.
"The Classics never go out of style, and neither does the Truth.
We're sure that you will enjoy these Classic Truth broadcasts.
Tune in Mondays at 6 pm mountain time, 7 pm central and 8 eastern
for "Classic Truths."



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